Woman unlocks 'new gym fear' on TikTok as equipment malfunctions

Woman unlocks 'new gym fear' on TikTok as equipment malfunctions

The gym can be an intimidating place for everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Even influencers who really know what they’re doing can come unstuck from time to time, as Sandhya who goes by @sandsxfitness on TikTok found out recently after unlocking a “new gym fear” while recording her workout.

Sandhya has racked up millions of views as she shares her fitness journey with her followers, and one clip saw her experience one unfortunate moment while she was lifting.

It took place while she was doing barbell hip thrusts – one of the most popular exercises for targeting the hips and glutes. It involves lifting a barbell which is laid over the hips, while the back is anchored to a bench.


im bruised. idek how i managed this 🙃 #fyp #gymtok #gymhumor #browngymgirl #girlswholift #embarassing

Sandhya was exercising as usual and filming the process when she suffered an equipment failure as the soft cushion which sits between the bar and the hips suddenly pinged off.

The pink bar pad came free, leading to the bar causing her “immediate pain”.

She dropped the bar as quickly as she could, but she was left in visible discomfort and grimaced as the camera caught the unfortunate incident.

The subtitle to the video read: "Today a new gym fear was unlocked.”

The clip has been viewed more than 15 million times and Sandhya wrote in the caption: “im bruised. idek how i managed this.”

She clearly isn’t the only gym goer who has suffered the same fate, with others sharing their experiences in the comments section.

“This happened to me today during squats,” one wrote.

Another said: “And that ladies and gentleman is why I will always strap my bar pad to the bar.”

Sandhya replied to that comment, replying: “I LOST THE STRAPS.”

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