Woman finds out her online troll is actually her best friend in real life

Woman finds out her online troll is actually her best friend in real life
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Social media is full of online trolls, but most wouldn't expect the said trolling they're receiving to secretly be coming from one of their best friends.

That's exactly what happened to one woman who made the heartbreaking discovery that a close friend was behind the trolling account she was getting hate from.

To get advice on what to do next, the woman wrote into the Girls Overheard podcast, hosted by Eilidh Wells, Ash Reid and Lauren Kerr, where she detailed what happened and how she caught her so-called bestie in the act.

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"I caught my friend trolling me on social media," one of the woman from the Scots podcast read, while the others gasped in shock.

She continued to read out the story, explaining how she's been making fashion videos for the past six months and "working toward making it an income" for herself.

However, her friends have not responded well to her career goal.

"My friends haven't been supportive at all," she said. "They don't like or comment on any of my stuff and I can tell they think it's cringe."


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But the woman came across the shocking revelation when she posted a link to one of her TikToks in her friend group chat to let her mates know about the outfit she was going to wear that night.

"Later that night, I get a notification to see user736 blah blah blah viewed the video that you shared," she recalled.

"It took me a second to realise that it's the same user who regularly leaves negativity on my videos."

She described how the troll left "really awful" comments including "this outfit isn't for your body type".

Now the woman is faced with a dilemma as she asked the podcasters how she tells her friend that she knows the one who has been trolling her.

Since sharing a TikTok clip briefly telling the story, many people have commented their thoughts on what the woman should do, with most urging the woman to get some better friends.

One person said: "That’s not a friend that’s a secret enemy, true friends are very rare."

"I would start posting pics of the friends outfit as 'what not to wear,'" another person wrote.

A third added: "Defo get new friends!!"

"Some of my mates and fam think it's so cringe that I post fashion content, even now when I have over 55k on Insta. It's all jealousy, keep going", a fourth person replied.

"She is not your friend. Cut ties and get better friends," someone else commented.

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