Woman claims to have sued her parents after they gave birth to her without her consent

Kass Theaz on TikTok

Kass Theaz on TikTok

@isatandstared on TikTo

A woman has joked on TikTok that she sued her parents after they gave birth to her without her consent.

Kass Theaz, a satirical TikTok creator, claimed that she had sued her parents after they gave birth to her "without her permission." She joked that ‘they didn’t try to contact me in anyway before I was born to see if I actually wanted to be here.’

The TikTok has currently over 2 million views and almost 20,000 comments.

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Theaz spoke about this in a TikTok that discussed why she herself had children if she sued her parents for having her without her permission.

The content creator explained that because she had adopted her children she had no role in conceiving her children without their consent. "It’s not my fault that they’re here," Theaz said. She added: "if you are pregnant right now you need to go you need to hire a psychic medium and ask if they actually wanna be here."


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Viewers who didn’t realise Theaz’s account was satire were confused, with one user commenting: ‘is this real?’ Others left comments such as: ‘you need help,’ ‘please tell me you’re joking,’ ‘now they’re teaching children to sue their parents for money so they don’t have to grow up and work?’

However, many were quick to catch on that Theaz was joking, and once they did, they appreciated the laugh. ‘Best laugh I’ve had all day,’ said one user. Another wrote, ‘ha ha you’re funny, loving the amount of confused people in the comments.’

Theaz has gained over 100,000 followers and 2.5 million likes for her hilarious content.

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