Tinder creates Gen Z dictionary to help older singles understand their dating lingo

Tinder Updates Aimed at Boosting Safety, Elevating User Experience

Tinder has resolved the Gen Z-Millennial-Boomer language barrier by curating its very own dating dictionary written by 18 to 25-year-olds.

Recent research revealed that a staggering 62 per cent of young people feel they speak a different language to older singletons when it comes to dating.

Sex and relationships expert Georgia Grace told News Au the new dictionary could be useful to everyone – even those not dating and others already in relationships.

"Although the basics of dating haven’t really changed, the majority of Gen Z’s feel that they speak a very different language than their parents and grandparents when it comes to dating," she told the outlet.

"While it’s not too much of a concern – because typically people are dating within their generation – the dictionary will make it easier to have dating conversations across different generations.

"It is fascinating to read."

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Many of the terms were highlighted in Tinder's December report, with situationship coming in strong.

The app saw a notable 49 per cent increase in people using the term as their relationship intention. One in ten young users said they prefer a situationship to develop a new relationship as it takes away the pressure.

Cushioning is another term to add to the dating glossary, with many people over the age of 25 unaware of the meaning. It's essentially when a person has several backups in case the main relationship doesn't work out.

Another new word for the books is kitten fishing, which Georgia explains as "tweaking or embellishing certain aspects of your life, appearance etc to make yourself more appealing on dating apps – different to catfishing which is pretending to be someone else entirely."

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