Viral Tucker Carlson clip has people asking whether he's ever seen a vagina

Viral Tucker Carlson clip has people asking whether he's ever seen a vagina
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a bit confused about this viral cloud formation photo - which has led to some questions and jokes on Twitter.

On Monday night’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host showed a photo of a “very strangely shaped object” that generated some buzz online.

The photo is of a red and pink swirly cloud formation that appeared in the skies near Bursa, Turkey last week.

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The rare formation is known as a lenticular cloud and it went viral on social media because many thought it looked like a UFO, rose ... or female genitalia.

“What is that, exactly?” Carlson said on his show while showing the photo.

Carlson laughed and added, “It’s not normal no matter what they tell you.”

Meteorologists confirmed that the cloud formation, while rare, was possible especially given its location near the base of a mountain range.

On Twitter, some people joked that Carlson asking "what is that" was his inability to identify the shape and pattern of the object as genitalia.

The Fox News host has recently garnered attention after the candy company M&M's announced they were switching from their spokescandy to a spokesperson- Maya Rudolph.

The change comes after Carlson criticised the company for making changes to the spokescandy over the last few months.

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