A Trip to Infinity: Netflix viewers are having their minds blown by new documentary

A Trip to Infinity: Netflix viewers are having their minds blown by new documentary
A Trip To Infinity

A new Netflix documentary about mathematics and the concept of infinity is causing people to question everything they know.

The documentary called A Trip to Infinity, which was released on the streaming platform in September, explores the concept of 'infinity' by using a series of complex theories about physics as well as maths, cosmology and philosophy.

The one-hour 19-minute film (thankfully it doesn't go on for infinity) is broken down into chapters and ponders the question of whether we are capable of understanding infinity or whether it actually even exists.

Needless to say that this is pretty dense and serious stuff and not something you want to throw on if you are after something easy to watch.

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However, those who have sat through it and given it their full attention have had their minds shattered by several. of the theories that it presents.

One, in particular, is the 'apple in the box' theory which suggests that if an apple was left in a box for billions of years that its fundamental particles would theoretically go through ever possible state that they could that eventually the apple would return to its original state.

Writing it down might not make much sense so maybe watch this instead.

Regardless of whether you understood that or not the reactions to the documentary are a mixture of awe and bewilderment at what they had just watched.

A Trip to Infinity is now available to watch on Netflix.

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