Grown up 'Arthur' has fans of popular kids shows shaken

Grown up 'Arthur' has fans of popular kids shows shaken
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Millennials are suffering something of a crisis online after the beloved kids show Arthur aired its final ever episode after 25 years on air.

Millions grew up watching the exploits of the loveable aardvark and his friends, as well as bopping along to that unbelievably catchy theme tune – but the character looks very different in the final instalment and fans aren’t sure how to react.

While most episodes focus on his time kicking about with his pal Buster, sister DW and other students at Lakewood Elementary School, the last instalment moves forward and picks up 20 years later.

In the episode, titled 'All Grown Up', Arthur is now a graphic novelist, while DW is a police officer and Buster is a teacher.

Arthur as you've never seen him beforePBS

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The final moments show Arthur reading his new comic to his friends, with the story about the first time he got his glasses tying back to the very first episode of the series which aired in 1996.

Most importantly, though, he has a whole new look.

Despite appearing to be totally bald as a child, he now has floppy hair and a little facial fluff, and fans are a little shaken by his whole new vibe.

Viewers took to social media to react, pointing out that a grown-up Arthur would “definitely have a podcast” and "watch anime" if he were living in 2022.

It comes as Arthur ended after a run of 25 seasons, including 253 episodes and seven specials.

Speaking about the final episode, head writer Peter K. Hirsch said [viaLA Times]: “The idea occurred to me that this whole series has been something Arthur has created. So the suggestion is this has all been his memoir. We thought, ‘Oh, that’s fun. It’s a little meta.’”

“Kids are our boss, and we listen to them, and that is one of the most often asked questions we got: ‘What happens to Arthur? What happens to Francine?’ And so it seemed like a logical gift to give these loyal viewers something that they really wanted.”

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