The new series of First Dates has officially arrived and it’s already off to a hysterical start.

Singletons Yasmin, 38, and Brad, 33, were paired by the Channel 4 show — but their date quickly got awkward.

Usually when asked to guess someone’s age, you can usually get away with telling a little white lie to flatter them. However, some people are simply too honest.

When Brad asked Yasmin, a banker, to guess his age, she got it disastrously wrong.

“I’m not going to say...” she said initially.

“You’re not going to say?” he jested.

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“Okay, 42?” she guessed.

“Oh you are so very very wrong, like almost 10 years wrong,” the entrepreneur said, raising his eyebrows and looking away.

“You’re 52?” she asked innocently.

The camera cuts to a clip of the bartender wincing.

“Wow,” Brad exclaimed, “I’m 34 next month. Jesus Christ alive.”

The rest of the date wasn’t much better. She told him he has an Alaskan malamute, but he one-upped her by saying he has “proper full blood” wolves.

People weren’t a fan and mocked him for boasting about his wolves and luxury cars. He also got roasted for complaining about the length of the wine list.

Twitter was firmly on Yasmin’s side and even compared him to renowned exaggerator Jay from The Inbetweeners:

Although Yasmin didn’t meet her match on the show, here’s hoping she finds someone better suited in the future who steers clear of giving her “the ick”.

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