Fox News anchor got hate mail while nearly dying of Covid

Fox News anchor got hate mail while nearly dying of Covid
Neil Cavuto reads hate mail as he returns to Fox News post-Covid ...

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto returned to his show Your World this week following a five-week-long unexplained hiatus and decided to kick off his program by reading some hate mail

"A lot of you didn't think you'd see this day, did you?" Cavuto said, "And now you're relieved, I bet even overjoyed, probably pinching yourself, aren't you?"

Cavuto revealed that he was battling a serious Covid case that landed him in the intensive care unit. This is the second time the Fox News anchor had Covid, the first being in October of 2021.

In celebration of his return, Cavuto shared some thoughtful words from viewers who wrote in.

"It's very easy to not miss Cavuto" a viewer named Tina wrote in.

"Dead or alive, as long as he isn't on my TV, it's a good day," Janice said.

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto read some hate mail from viewers upon returning to the show post-Covid Neil Cavuto / Twitter

"What are they hiding why isn't Fox News saying anything," Alex asked.

The mysterious nature surrounding Cavuto's hiatus left viewers scratching their heads. But Cavuto revealed he asked Fox News to keep his Covid diagnosis private.

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The 63-year-old immunocompromised anchor developed a very serious strain of Covid, "what doctors call Covid pneumonia" which rendered him out of commission for several weeks.

Cavuto is a cancer survivor and currently has Multiple Sclerosis, making him part of the vulnerable population. Luckily, Cavuto was vaccinated and credits the vaccine to his survival. "Let me be clear, doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I would not be here," Cavuto said.

The decision to read hate mail is somewhat of a tradition for Cavuto, upon his return from his vacation last May, Cavuto opened the show also reading hate mail.

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