Man testing stabbed proof vest gets stabbed on live TV

Man testing stabbed proof vest gets stabbed on live TV
Footage resurfaces of TV news reporter being stabbed while testing stab-proof vest
Channel 1 News

In a very unfortunate case of irony, an Israeli journalist testing out a stab-proof vest ended up getting stabbed in the back, after the stabber “missed” the vest’s protective material.

Filmed back in January 2016, following a string of stabbings by Palestinians in the country the year before, the resurfaced clip sees Eitam Lachover of Channel 1 sporting the product which would go on to be worn by Israeli soldiers.

Explaining what would happen, company vice president Yaniv Montakyo said he had a “very strong” steel commando knife “used by militaries around the world”.

Apprehensive – understandably so, given the circumstances – Mr Lachover replied: “You are going to stab me with this?”

Confirming that is exactly what is going to happen, Montakyo said: “Yes. You have nothing to worry about, we are very confident in our product.

“This product can protect from knives that are stronger than this one. May I?

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“Don’t be afraid, if something happens, I’m here.”

And happen, it did, as on the third of four stabs, Mr Lachover jolted and gave a knowing look to his cameraman.

“I missed,” Montakyo announced.

Oh dear.

Speaking to the country’s Channel 2 network after the incident, he revealed what he had missed were the parts of the vest which had protective material in them – as on the third jab, he didn’t hit this part.

In a Twitter post a few days after the incident, Mr Lachover revealed the accidental stabbing resulted in a “superficial puncture”.

“Some stitches in the back and I was discharged home. Many thanks to everyone who expressed concern,” he wrote.

Thank goodness for that.

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