Laurence Fox interview goes off the rails within seconds as guest asks 'why do you exist'

Laurence Fox interview goes off the rails within seconds as guest asks 'why do you exist'
Laurence Fox interview goes off the rails within seconds as guest asks …

Everyone's favourite crank Laurence Fox has been owned once again - this time over his antivax nonsense.

The controversial former actor appeared on GB News with Dr Bharat Pankhania - a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter.

Fox introduced the academic and asked him to share his thoughts about a report by Perseus which claimed the coronavirus vaccine had been licensed based on “limited short term data and no long term data”.

Fox had previously claimed the report" concludes the MHRA has failed in its duty to protect the public from harm.”

But Pankhania replied: “I sometimes wonder why you exist to be honest with you because a lot of these things that you spew out just send things that are worrisome to people, not verified, not factual, you just have your own agenda and that's what I think.

“You are just spewing out your biased views, that’s how I feel about you.

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After an awkward pause, Fox replied: "I wasn't asking you what you felt about me, I was asking you about what you felt about the discussion of the report."

Pankhania continued: “I haven’t read that report, I knew nothing about that report, I wasn’t brought on the programme to talk about the report.

“Therefore, it’s an ambush. How do I know? I haven’t read it, I know nothing about it.”

Asked what he thought about the MHRA, Pankhania said the staff “do a great job” to protect the health and wellbeing of the country when it came to ensuring which medicines were made available.

He added: “It is very unfortunate that further to Brexit we are, the MHRA, is working on its own for the UK rather than being as part of the European Medicines Agency because there is strength in numbers, strength in expertise."

“Having said all that the MHRA is absolutely fit for purpose," he said.

He also confirmed Covid vaccines are safe. "The good outweighs the harm by a large, large outcome," he said.

Following the interview, Fox tweeted: "After the good doctor started to sermonise about Brexit in relation to vaccine harms, the remainder of the interview was me trying not to giggle."

But we hardly think that was the last laugh.

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