Love Island viewers are angry with Liam after his antics in Casa Amor

Love Island viewers are angry with Liam after his antics in Casa Amor

Casa Amor never fails to deliver drama and last night’s introduction of this series’ twist was no different.

After leaving the main villa in distress and vowing to sleep outside wearing Millie’s necklace, Liam soon broke his mourning when he met the new girls and even kissed a number of them and received a lap dance as part of a game of ‘truth or dare’ which gave us extreme Freshers Week vibes.

Meanwhile, a stoic Millie remained in the main villa, batting off the new men who wished to get to know her, resolute in her affection for Liam. And while the boys were daring each other to suck the new girl’s toes, the original girls played a chaste game of ‘never have I ever’ in which Faye revealed she has had arguments with people in the villa?!

Liam will have no idea – but he and Millie are one of the most popular couples in the villa for fans of the show. If he fluffs it in Casa Amor and couples up with a new girl, spurning the much loved Millie, he may just well miss out on a place in the final, meaning he could lose the chance of winning a) £50,000, b) more exposure and therefore more Instagram followers and c) the brand deals that come with that.

So, as they watched Liam kiss goodbye to his boohooMAN line, seething viewers scolded Liam for his disloyalty:

Others reminisced about previous contestants who had remained loyal when they were faced with Casa Amor – like Tommy from the 2019 series, and Finn from 2020:

Much of the commentary around this series of Love Island has focussed on the men being untrustworthy game players who look set to break their partner’s hearts. Viewers, however, thought Liam was different and trusted him.

If last night is anything to go by, they could well be proved wrong.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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