Which Love Island contestant has gained the most Instagram followers after a week in the villa?

Which Love Island contestant has gained the most Instagram followers after a week in the villa?

Call us cynical, but these days we think Love Island contestants don’t just go on the show for love.

With a national attention nearing on obsession that the show attracts, Love Island has become a route to influence, and ex-islanders rake it in upon leaving the villa, posting sponsored post after sponsored post to shift a range of products from watches to face creams.

But thanks to edits from producers combined with some less interesting plot lines, not every islander is quite as successful at building a following.

Jewellery company Angelic Diamonds has put a shift in to see which contestants are soaring to new heights of fame and which one’s are lagging behind.

Despite leaving the villa early in a shock twist, Shannon Singh’s following has increased the most out of all of the original islanders with a net gain of 139,000 followers. Perhaps this is because many fans think she will return to the show due to her early dumping, and they want to look for clues.

Brad McClelland’s account is also - to borrow from the shows’ parlance - doing bits. The fan favourite gained 107,900 followers after a week of speaking about how much he loves his nan.

Next up is Liberty Poole who’s endearing nature has won her 87,800 new fans. Then there is Faye Winter who gained 67,200 in a week in which she called Brad a c***. Not bad.

Kaz Kamwi is close behind gaining 61,200, and teacher Hugo Hammon has gained 59,100. Despite being slightly divisive upon entering the villa, Chloe Burrows has gained 46,100 followers and Toby Armolaran has 45,400 newbies.

Sharon Gaffka and Aaron Francis have coupled up and were among the first islanders to share a kiss. They are unlikely to clash if they leave the island together as they have gained a similar and respectable 37,900 and 37,400 followers respectively.

Jake Cornish is, however, lagging behind his fellow islanders by gaining 26,000 fans. He better start grafting.

The next episode of Love Island is on tonight at 9pm and it will see new arrival Rachel pick between Brad and fellow newbie Chuggs. Chuggs. Chuggs! Sorry. The islander she does not pick will be dumped from the island and whether that has an effect on their social media following and earning potential remains to be seen.

We can’t wait to find out.

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