A new contestant entering the Love Island villa is named ‘Chuggs’ and people cannot believe it.

Chuggs owns a bucket hat business and is from Surrey, and will be joining the villa on Thursday alongside another man named Liam, to turn people’s heads and generally cause chaos.

But that a man called Chuggs who owns a bucket hat business is entering the villa has caused much merriment from the Twitter commentariate:

Chuggs’ full name is Chuggs Wallis and he graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2020. Chuggs’ business, to make matters better or worse, is called Booby Buckets, which he started during the first national lockdown. He sells an array of hats and we are sure going on Love Island had nothing at all to do with boosting his business. Absolutely nothing.

Apart from Chuggs existing, which we are still reeling from, this episode of Love Island was the most dramatic yet in the series.

Shannon was dumped from the villa after just 48 hours, after Chloe chose to couple up with her beau Aaron, rendering her a spare part.

Meanwhile, Brad started flirting with Chloe, despite being coupled up with Faye, causing them to have a massive fight and for Faye to call him a c***. Ouch.

This show is ridiculous, isn’t it? We can’t wait for it to continue, tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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