Shannon has been dumped from the Love Island villa.

After Chloe coupled up with Aaron, leaving Shannon single, she received a text informing her that her time in the villa was over and that she was to pack her bags and leave immediately.

“It’s emotional because you meet people straight away who you get on with,” Shannon said.

“It is what it is,” she added, of course.

“Everything got very real, very quick,” Kaz said.

Reacting to the dumping, which is the earliest that has ever happened during the island’s history, people were shocked:

Others speculated that she will be returning, either through Casa Amor, or with another twist.

And after it became clear that Chloe was more interested in Brad than Aaron, people were even more upset that Shannon had been dumped from the villa, including former islander Amber Gill:

Shannon is a Scottish “party girl”, model, DJ and influencer. The press was interested in the fact that her dad used to be a stripper and that she has an OnlyFans account and it seemed like she was ready to stir things up in the villa until her early exit.

The first islanders are usually dumped after day five or six. Shannon spent just 48 hours in the villa.

Seems like this series is going to be savage.

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