Almost a week has gone by in this year’s series of Love Island, which - as we all know - is a year in Love Island Time.

After a meandering start, things finally picked up last night with a surprise recoupling which left Brad and Chuggs - yes Chuggs - single. If that wasn’t juicy enough, a new arrival called Rachel swanned in and announced that she was to pick between Brad and Chuggs to couple up with and that the person she doesn’t choose will be dumped from the island. Savage.

Yes, things are getting brutal now and we simply love it. This is what the island is here for. This is why we tune in. We want total drama and will not accept anything else. Inject it into our veins, ITV. Inject it now.

Anyway, people were excited that the producers of the show had woken up from their naps and were getting serious:

Meanwhile, others thought that Rachel was absolutely stunning:

Others were amused that Brad and Chuggs had both said their “type on paper” was petite blonde women, and that they would now have to compete to win Rachel’s affections. Rachel is likely to have watched previous episodes while isolating and so it will be interesting to see if she picks them up on it:

And everyone was relieved that Chloe saved Hugo from being dumped from the island:

Love Island is next on tomorrow at 9pm. How will we survive a day without villa action? With the football, of course.

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