Love Island: Twitter is absolutely disgusted by the ‘extra loud’ kissing in latest episode

<p>This Love Island pet peeve is making viewers want to watch the show ‘on mute' </p>

This Love Island pet peeve is making viewers want to watch the show ‘on mute'


After a shocking turn of events in last night’s Love Island with a ruthless and unexpected Love Island dumping, things heated up in Thursday’s episode.

Just 20 minutes into the fourth episode, the chemistry ramped up drastically when Sharon and Aaron headed up to the terrace for a chat.

Civil servant Sharon, 25, told model, Aaron: “I was saying to the girls ‘I’ve kissed him more times than I’ve spoken to him.’”

<p>Sharon and Aaron from this series of Love Island</p>The pair headed for a chat - just hours after Shannon’s shock exitYouTube

The 23-year-old model replied: “Am I going to have lipstick all over my face every time I kiss you?”

“I can’t make any promises”, Sharon replied before leaning in for a steamy kiss.

While people appear to dig the new duo, viewers aren’t as fond of the unnecessarily loud kissing - so much so, they’re taking their pet peeve to Twitter.

It’s gotten unbearable for one viewer who is debating to watch the show without sound:

“These kissing noises every f****** year , just unmic them at this point ill watch the show mute #LoveIsland

Many viewers believe the producers are turning up the volume on purpose.

Some were just baffled why the producers were doing it at all.

Memes from previous seasons made an appearance too:

One viewer likened it to an even-grosser ASMR:

People are begging - pleading - for the sound to be turned down by producers:

We’re surprised no one’s called Ofcom yet...

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