Married at First Sight UK hasn’t disappointed when it comes to serving up the drama.

The show has only been on air since last Monday and, already, contestant Nikita has been booted off for unacceptable behaviour and viewers were left scratching their heads when Adam and Tayah declared their love for each other after only one week.

Even E4 has admitted that the chaotic dinner party scene which ended in shouting and swearing will go “down in history”.

The drama reached new heights last night during the commitment ceremony when it was revealed that Jordon and Megan secretly stole a kiss.

Jordon, who is married to Alexis, clashed with his new wife from the start, but now Jordon has allegedly run back to his ex of 11 years who he broke up with to go on the show, The Sun reports.

But not before kissing someone else’s wife.

Speaking on last night’s episode, Jordon said: “Last night at the dinner party I found myself having a conversation with Megan. We are very similar in a lot of ways and we actually shared a kiss.”

Megan’s marriage to Bob was also doomed from the start, but when all was revealed last night he immediately broke down and remarked: “What a b****!”

Bob became very upset and stormed out of the building before returning once he gathered himself. Remarkably, Bob shook Jordon’s hand and thanked him for his honesty.

Other couples were shocked by the revelation, with Amy remarking: “It’s not f***ing Wife Swap.”

Social media seemed to take Bob’s side with one Twitter user calling him “the most precious guy” in the room.

To witness the drama for yourself, you can catch up on All4.

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