Marvel told to 'do better' for using AI for 'Secret Invasion' opening sequence

Marvel told to 'do better' for using AI for 'Secret Invasion' opening sequence
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Marvel’s latest series, Secret Invasion, is making waves on the internet – though the studio may not be best pleased when it finds out why.

Director Ali Selim was greeted with anger from fans after revealing that the opening credits were generated by artificial intelligence.

However, he said that the idea of using AI for the sequence, designed by Method Studios, fit into the themes of the show.

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He said: “When we reached out to the AI vendors, that was part of it – it just came right out of the shape-shifting, Skrull world identity, you know? Who did this? Who is this?”

Selim admitted that he does not “really understand” how the AI works, only that he was interested in it.

He said: “We would talk to them about ideas and themes and words, and then the computer would go off and do something. And then we could change it a little bit by using words, and it would change.”

The resulting social media backlash was largely around the fact that using AI likely meant graphic designers and animators, who usually craft opening credits, were cut out of the loop.

The revelation comes as the Writers’ Guild America is on strike after negotiations with the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers collapsed.

Part of the negotiation was over protecting writers against the use of AI in the creative process.

It means that over the last two months, the use of AI to replace humans in creative jobs has been at the forefront of discussions around the strike.

Jon Lam, a storyboard artist, wrote on Twitter: “This is salt in the wounds of all Artists and Writers in the WGA strike.”

Another person wrote: “I really loved the first episode of Secret Invasion but them using AI ‘art’ for their intro is just wack. Do better Marvel.”

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