Netflix has a 'secret club' where subscribers can see new films and shows in advance

Netflix has a 'secret club' where subscribers can see new films and shows in advance
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Netflix is the biggest streaming platform in the world with an estimated 223 million subscribers – but not everyone is receiving the same service.

It’s been reported that there is a secret club within Netflix which only around 2,000 people get to experience.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this small number of users has access to new content before it is made more widely available.

They’re effectively used as guinea pigs to help Netflix to tailor its content, and the site is allegedly expanding the numbers of people with this VIP access in the new year.

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According to the report, the group is called Netflix Preview Club and its feedback played a role in shaping the 2021 film Don’t Look Up by suggesting the movie was more comedic and less serious.

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Someone claiming to be a part of the group previously posted about the exclusive club on Reddit, claiming to be a member.

"You watch Netflix original movies before they're released and answer survey questions about them," they wrote on the site.

"You also have to sign an NDA because these truly are not released and still in final editing stage.

"You get a special Netflix account and they email when they have a movie in there for you to watch. Usually you have to watch and review within a week."

It comes as one of the most high-profile new arrivals is headed to the platform this week, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's tell-all documentary coming to Netflix in just a matter of days.

Netflix revealed that the highly anticipated Harry & Meghan documentary will be released in parts, with the first volume landing on the platform on Thursday 8 December.

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