Ready to Mingle: Meet the contestants of ITV’s new dating show

Ready to Mingle: Meet the contestants of ITV’s new dating show

ITV2’s brand new dating show Ready to Mingle may be just what we need to fix the Love Island-shaped hole in our hearts.

Hosted by Katherine Ryan, the show follows a single girl in her quest to find the perfect boyfriend, as 12 male suitors compete for her affections and the opportunity to share a £50,000 cash prize.

However, in a mischievous twist, some of these guys are already in relationships.

Not only do some have partners but those very partners aren’t so far away — in fact they’re watching every move their boyfriends make.

Play the game well, come across as convincingly single, and it could be a partnered-up boy scooping the cash prize.

As the single girl and boys take residence in a stunning house in Devon for three weeks, the girl will get to know each boy through activities, games and dates. She’ll eliminate a boy until one she feels is truly single remains.

It certainly looks like viewers are in for a treat.

So, without further ado, here are the contestants.

Sophia Dusauzay, 24

Sophia DusauzaySophia DusauzayITV

Leading lady Sophia Maria from Brighton and Hove was contacted by ITV the day after calling it off with a guy she had been seeing for a few months.

Sophia Maria has been stung in the past and was “cheated on a lot”, but now the outspoken and confident 24-year-old is ready to meet Mr. Right.

She’s hoping to be swept off her feet by a muscular Tom Hardy lookalike with facial hair and tattoos. Her dream man is someone who can make her laugh and being 5ft 8in, she hopes to meet someone 5ft 11in or above.

She likes a “headstrong”, “dominant” man who will bring her cups of tea in the morning and buy her flowers.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I go into things head first if I really like someone, I just tell them straight up and I don’t always play things cool,” she said. “I’m not good at hiding any kind of emotion - even anger or frustration.”

John Okafor, 22


Hailing from London but living in Leeds, this Masters student and semi-professional rugby player is hoping to meet a sporty, fun, and attractive girl “with a nice bum.”

The self-proclaimed “old-fashioned gentleman” said his friends and family would describe him as a BFG (big friendly giant).

The 6ft 6in heartthrob said: “When people see me, they probably think I’m unapproachable, but when you get to know me, I’m a massive softie. I have a bit of a mean streak, but I have a huge soft side.

Casey Sonnekus, 22


Casey is a railway worker from South Africa who lives in Bridgend.

He has a very specific type; a confident woman with blonde hair and blue or green eyes. “All my girlfriends have looked the same,” he remarked.

His longest relationship has been six months and when asked where he sees himself in five years’ time he said: “Living in a penthouse with three model girlfriends.”

Louie Akinwale, 27


Louie, from Essex, is a handbag designer and model who has worked with Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Moncler.

He’s hoping to meet a confident, fashionable woman who can also “put him in his place” when needed.

When asked what he’s like as a boyfriend, he said: “Very caring, thoughtful and a bit mischievous - I like to throw in a few surprises. In the past, I’ve spontaneously booked a festival ticket in Croatia for a girlfriend. We woke up and I told her to get her bags ready. It was super fun.”

Hakeem Amao, 32


Hakeem is a personal trainer from London.

As a boyfriend, he said he’s “one for the family” and wishes to meet someone adventurous, ambitious and super fit with “good lips”.

He said: “I do like a confident girl. If they make the first move, it’s very interesting. It’s like, ‘Ok, she knows what she wants’.”

Malcolm Modele, 33


Malcolm is an actor and entrepreneur from Gloucester, living in London.

As an actor he’s had roles in Holby City, Eastenders, and Shakespeare’s Diaries. In fact, Malcolm was the first male stripper on Eastenders. As he worked as a stripper in the past, he was perfect for the role and claims to have good dancing skills.

He’s says he’s attracted to intelligent, driven, and motivated women who he can have banter with.

Rudi Senghore, 27


Rudi is a carpenter from Essex living in St Albans.

His dream woman is a trustworthy, selfless and loving brunette with a nice tan.

He said: “I rate myself really highly. I’m generous, selfless, most of the time and very supportive. I’ve got loads of love to give and I’m just an all-round good guy.”

Chris Baber, 27


Chris is an electrical engineer from Newquay.

Identical twin Chris previously went on a date with Love Island’s Faye Winter, and describes his ideal woman as blonde who he can easily talk to and feel a genuine connection with.

In five years’ time Chris hopes to live in Australia and says his dream job is to be in the police on the east coast.

Louis Hart, 24


Louis is a property developer from Essex, living in Devon.

He doesn’t have a type physically, but he’d like to meet someone loyal and trustworthy who can make him thrive in what he does.

He’s big into fitness and spirituality, and previously trained as a yoga teacher in India.

Toby Bougouneau, 24


Toby is a model from Exeter living in Manchester.

A “sucker for blue eyes”, Toby said he wouldn’t ever chase someone.

“I’m chilled, just myself. I don’t take things too seriously,” he said. “I like to be friends first and not have the stress of telling each other what to do. I hate it when people say, ‘You can’t go out.’

“I’m very much my own person and still want to see my friends. I like to think I’m kind and patient, too.”

Elliott Miles, 28


Elliot is an electrician from Hertfordshire.

His type on paper is someone who’s tall, brunette and slim.

Self-proclaimed joker Elliot said: “I always try to make girls laugh and if you can do that, you’re half way there.”

Drew Wedlake, 26


Drew is a professional boxer from Bristol.

He likes brunettes with tanned skin and an athletic build and said Mila Kunis is his “type to a tee.”

He said: “I’m trying to find a nice girl - very family orientated, funny, etc, but I always end up falling for bad girls, ones that properly keep you on their toes, but I do actually want to find a nice, normal girl. I’m drawn to girls that are hard work.”

Lewis Croker, 24


Lewis is a firefighter from Somerset.

The aspiring influencer said: “Any girl can be beautiful, but it depends on what she’s like personality-wise and if we click. Having a good sense of humour is important, plus confidence.”

Ready to Mingle starts Monday 6th September on ITV2 and ITV Hub

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