Richard Madeley says Chris Rock is 'most unpleasant person' he has interviewed ...

Richard Madeley has sparked ire from Good Morning Britain viewers – not for the first time – after an unfortunate choice of words during an interview with Peter Shilton.

The former England goalkeeper was appearing on the show to discuss gambling addiction and the presenter's unfortunate sign-off left some viewers in disbelief.

Shilton has previously revealed he’s ‘lost millions’ over the years after suffering with addiction, and managed to successfully quit seven years ago with the support of his family.

The 72-year-old spoke on the ITV show to support a campaign to call on ministers to remove all gambling sponsorship from football.

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He discussed how things have become a 'money merry-go-round' for gambling products in the UK and opened up about his experiences.

Only, when it came to wrapping up the interview, Madeley told Shilton was "right on the money" in a move that left some viewers cringing.

“More power to your campaign Peter, I think you’re absolutely on the money,” he said. “Good luck with it.”


Viewers couldn't quite believe what they were hearingITV

Also on Monday’s show, Madeley was joined Kate Garraway to discuss the allegations that Russian troops have used rape as a 'weapon of war' against Ukrainian civilians.

The pair were joined by Chip Chapman, Former Senior British Adviser to US central command, who spoke about the situation.

Speaking about the horrifying testimony uncovered by human rights groups, Richard asked: "Chip, we've said something that was widely reported this morning that rape was used as a weapon of war. How exactly is rape a weapon of war?"

Some viewers were not impressed with his question, with one saying: "For Richard Madeley and anyone else that needs to know: rape IS a weapon of war.”

Another said: "’How is rape a weapon of war?’ Everyone else – ‘How are you still a presenter???’”

One more added: “'How exactly is rape a weapon of war' Seriously? Insensitivity, stupidness and idiocy have long been hallmarks of Madeley, it's high time this absolute halfwit was despatched, I've never known a presenter ask such stupid question,” one more added. Meanwhile, Madeley has had a lot to say recently after some of the biggest showbiz stories in years broke at the Oscars last month.

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the ceremony, Madeley claimed he has “skin in that game” when discussing the incident and went on to claim that Rock is the most “unpleasant” person he’s interviewed in his whole career, beginning in 1972.

He explained that he and his wife Judy interviewed Rock for their Channel 4 show to promote a Madagascar film and said the interview was a bit of a car crash.

Madeley said: “Without going into detail, it was a pre-recorded interview – had it been live we would have abandoned it.

“He was the most unpleasant, rude, aggressive, unlikeable human being I’ve ever interviewed on camera, without question.”

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