Succession theory about Tom is a convincing take on how show could finish

Succession theory about Tom is a convincing take on how show could finish
Succession season 4 finale preview

A theory about the finale of Succession has gone viral ahead of the highly popular show's last-ever episode on Sunday evening and it's all about Tom.

That's right the HBO drama finally comes to a conclusion on Sunday with many fans eager to see who will be in charge of Waystar Royco when it's all said and done.

Will Matsson's takeover of the company go through? Will Kendall remain in charge? Will Roman fire anyone else? Will Tom and Shiv kiss and make-up? What will happen to Greg?

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Well, a suggestion of what might transpire has been staring fans in the face for the entire time, that's if you believe what Sophie Kihm, the editor of baby name website Nameberry, thinks.

In a viral TikTok, Kihm suggests that we should analyse Tom's unique surname of Wambsgans and another significant person who shared that name.

Tom's unique name is German of origin but that isn't why it's significant. It's the same as a famous baseball player Bill Wambsganss who was active between 1914 and 1926 when he played for the Cleveland Indians, the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Athletics.

Wambsganss most memorable contribution to the sport was achieving the very rare 'unassisted triple play' where one player manages to make all three outs in one play all by themselves.

Kihm suggests that this could be prophetic for Tom who is trying to position himself as the new CEO of Waystar should Matsson's takeover go through and single-handedly muscle Kendall, Shiv and Roman out of the company.

Whether this actually comes to pass is up for debate and the only way to see is to watch Sunday's finale. In the meantime check out our favourite ever quotes from the show.

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