The Chase viewers left furious after woman takes biggest ever minus offer

The Chase viewers left furious after woman takes biggest ever minus offer

Viewers were left stunned after a contestant made a questionable decision during an episode of ITV’s The Chase.

On the show, contestants play against a professional quizzer—dubbed the “chaser”—who works to prevent them from winning a big cash prize.

The team of four contestants including Andy, Michelle, Jacob and Allie individually attempt to earn as much money as they can—with the acquired total then being added to the prize fund if the contestant survives their “chase.”

In the episode, the four went head-to-head against Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan.

After Andy was sent home due to answering a few questions wrong, three remained.

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When Michelle stepped up to the plate she bravely opted to play for the higher offer of £40,000 as opposed to the low offer of £2,000, leaving many, including the host, Bradley Walsh, taken aback.

But things took a turn for the worst when Allie took on The Vixen.

And the player shockingly decided to take take the minus offer of £17,000.

"I always said I'd never take the minus but then there is a hell of a lot of money in that prize pot. So, if you really don't mind guys I am going to go for the minus £17,000. I don't even want to say it,” Allie said during the show.

"I am really sorry," she added as a stunned Walsh said: "My eyes are watering. Minus £17,000, wow."

The team ended up walking away with nothing

Online, people had a similar reaction to Walsh, except much more extreme.

One Twitter user dived into the facts of the show, “Just to be clear, *THIS* is the biggest ever minus offer that a contestant has taken on The Chase. And it beat's Ciaran's -£15K chase from 2016. Congratulations, Allie, you've earned your place in history FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS. #TheChase”

“Boris Johnson watching The Chase with Carrie and realising Allie is the most disliked person in the UK right now #TheChase”

"Shocking stuff bring back the death penalty," one user wrote.

Another person said: "what is point of going on the chase and picking a minus ffs my family would disown me."

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