Tipping Point contestant hilariously confuses Agatha Christie for Tom Watson

Tipping Point contestant hilariously confuses Agatha Christie for Tom Watson
Tipping Point player mistakes Agatha Christie for former Labour deputy Tom Watson

A Tipping Point contestant was left rather embarrassed during their time on the popular ITV gameshow, after he confused former deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, with the legendary crime writer, Agatha Christie.

An easy mistake to make, of course.

For context, the question asked by host Ben Shephard to contestant Dave on Friday’s programme was: “‘Downsizing: How I lost 8 stone, reversed my diabetes and regained my health’ is a book by which former deputy leader of the Labour Party?”

It was initially posed to fellow contestant Rachael as part of the head-to-head round, but she decided to pass it to her opponent, as she didn’t know the answer either.

“Dave, how’s your political dietary knowledge,” said Shephard, as the contestant braced himself to offer up a response.

“I know nothing about politics, and I know nothing about diets,” replied Dave, appearing to laugh uncomfortably in the process.

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Shephard at least tried to be helpful in response, asking if he could remember “anyone associated with the Labour Party”, but Dave was clearly still struggling.

“The only name that’s coming to mind, and I don’t know why… Agatha Christie, and I don’t even know if she’s in politics at all!

“I’m just going to go with that, I think,” he said.

Unfortunately for Dave, everyone else appeared to know just how wrong he was, as Rachael could be seen laughing while Shephard delivered an astonished look to camera.

They weren’t the only two to find the mishap hilarious, as the clip soon did the rounds on social media:

Even Tom Watson himself responded to the gaffe, writing: “This kind of humiliation would never happen to [Ed Balls].”

Agatha Christie is yet to comment on the howler, having passed away in 1976.

And it isn’t the first time that a Tipping Point contestant has made an unfortunate blunder, as one individual on the show late last year managed to confuse an Ancient Greek poet with a Simpsons character.

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