'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' producers upset by rude reviews

'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' producers upset by rude reviews
Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood And Honey (Fathom Events Trailer)

One of the nation's beloved childhood characters has undergone a disturbing makeover in the upcoming horror film, Winnie the Pooh:Blood and Honey.

The film follows the story of Christopher Robin, who abandoned the bear to start his new life at university. Subsequently, Pooh and Piglet become increasingly feral, leading them to eat their old friend Eeyore as a means to survive.

When Christopher arrives home, he finds the pair on a blood-quenched rampage at a rural cabin where a group of college girls are staying.

The film, which hit US screens on Wednesday (15 February), has garnered worldwide attention with the premiere taking place in Mexico last month.

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Jagged Edge

But one review prompted the production company to hit back.

"There’s a difference between a movie intentionally aiming low for shlocky campy fun and a movie that puts in zero effort because it knows horror fans will pay to see it anyway. And with that… I’ll take my leave on this subject," YouTuber Cody Leach wrote on Twitter.

Jagged Edge productions slammed his comments as "uncalled for", writing: "We made a film in 8 days on a budget we had. A lot of effort from everyone involved was put in. You weren’t there, you have no idea. I appreciate your 'review' but don’t appreciate your rude comments."

Jagged Edge

Fans flocked to support the London-based horror production company, with one writing: "Don't listen to people like that. They would never be able to create a film, they aren't in your shoes."

Another penned: "This unfortunately is the peril when a low-budget indie horror accidentally lands significant distribution. People see it who aren't familiar with the tropes of low-budget indie horror and criticise it for not being what it's not trying to be."

Jagged Edge productions, who is run by avid horror fans Rhys Waterfield and Scott Jeffrey, said they were balancing the line between horror and comedy. They aimed to produce a film that was both terrifying and ridiculous.

"We write, produce, and direct the majority of our work," Rhys told Indy100. "We have recently started working extremely closely with a DOP Vince Knight, who helped us bring our visions into reality – an extremely talented guy who will no doubt go onto bigger things."

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