10 lies parents tell to make them seem more interesting

Three-quarters (73 per cent) of Britons who came of age during the 1980s or 1990s have admitted lying about what they did in the past to seem more interesting to younger people, according to a poll of parents aged 35 to 50.

Here are the fibs they admitted to…


1. Joined a youth sub-culture

2. Participated in anti-government protests

3. Attended an iconic music event, eg, Live Aid

4. Spent every Saturday morning watching children’s TV

5. Attended a major sporting event, eg, England winning the Ashes


1. Went to Glastonbury/Ibiza before they became “too commercial”

2. Had the “Rachel” haircut or a Britpop-inspired hairstyle

3. Attended an exhibition by a YBA artist, eg, Tracey Emin

4. Attended a major sporting event, eg, Euro ’96

5. Saw a seminal band of the decade live, eg, Nirvana

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