The top 10 ways that parents embarrass their children

The top 10 ways that parents embarrass their children

Attempting to befriend your son or daughter on Facebook is one of the many things likely to leave them writhing in embarrassment, according to new research.

But woe betide any parents who attempt to smooth things over by instructing their offspring to "take a chill pill", as few things are more mortifying than your mother or father trying to be down with the kids, a poll by Thorpe Park'S Island Beats has revealed.

Here are the top ten 10 things parents do to embarrass their children:

1. Dancing

2. Public displays of affection

3. Using outdated slang or trying to join in with "youth speak"

4. Wearing age-inappropriate clothes

5. Telling embarrassing stories

6. Tidying up after children

7. Trying to connect with their children on social media

8. Failing to grasp modern technology

9. Talking about sex

10. Getting drunk

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