The 10 most Irish cities in America

The 10 most Irish cities in America
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Curious to know which cities in America are the most Irish? The winner will probably come as no surprise.

Twenty-two million people (7.2 percent) in America claim direct ancestry to the Emerald Isle.

And in a report from Irish Central based on the US Census Bureau's data, 12 million more people are of Irish descent and other roots.

The Census noted that 34.1 million Americans do have Irish ancestry, which is seven times the population of Ireland.

The Bureau's 2014 American Community Survey pinpointed where exactly these Irish Americans reside, which is mainly in the Northeastern part of the country.

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So what urban areas have the highest population of Irish Americans?

The city that takes the number one spot is the Boston metro area, with 20 per cent of people claiming Irish ancestors.

Boston is followed up Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and then Peabody, Massachusetts.

Other areas, particularly in New York state's capital of Albany and Syracuse, have at least a 15 percent Irish population.

Check out the complete list of the top 10 most Irish cities in America:

1) Boston, Massachusetts - 20.4 per cent

2) Middlesex County, Massachusetts - 16.9 per cent

3) Peabody, Massachusetts - 15.8 per cent

4) Albany, New York - 15.6 per cent

5) Syracuse, New York - 15.0 per cent

6) Worcester, Massachusetts - 14.8 per cent

7)Camden, New Jersey - 14.8 per cent

8) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 14.2 per cent

9) Long Island, New York - 13.1 per cent

10) Wilmington, Delaware-Maryland-New Jersey- 13.0 per cent

Elsewhere, the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey also asks millions of Americans questions about their demographic social situations.

One of the questions is also based on family ancestry, highlighting the many different cultures present in each state.

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