Picture:Jeff J Mitchell/Getty
Picture:Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Think you have it bad?

Oh but it could be so, so much worse.

Here are eleven people who are failing spectacularly at life...

1. When you're this footballer:

Picture: 9Fail/Giphy

2. When they need the tips but it's slimy with sweat juice...

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3. Parkour? Of course I can't can...

Picture: Gifrific

4. These humans losing a race against dogs. On a toy car.

Picture: Gif bin

5. This person who apparently doesn't like money

Picture: runt-of-the-web

6. This genius barista

Picture coed

7. This thirsty baby

Picture: Niketalk

8. When you're Will Smith and you can't kick a ball

Picture: Gifbay

9. This unfortunate person

Picture: Guff

10. The bee that managed to get caught in the crazy..

Picture: Guff

11. Why?

Picture: Giphy

See? In comparison, you have life sorted.

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