The 12 jobs that make people the most miserable

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If you think your job is as bad as it gets, think again.

Unless you're a waiter, in which case you have every right to complain.

A University of Chicago report surveying American workers has confirmed what we all suspected: low-paid, manual labour is usually miserable.

And, thanks to the survey, now we can rank their misery:

1. Roofers

2. Waiters/Servers

3. Labourers (except construction)

4. Bartenders

5. Hand packers and packagers

6. Freight, stock and material handlers

7. Apparel clothing salespersons

8. Cashiers

9. Food preparers

10. Expediters (suppliers)

11. Butchers and meat cutters

12 Furniture/Home furnishing salespersons

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Don't act so fast - not all jobs leave you feeling blue. The study also pinned down the 12 most satisfying jobs.

1. Clergy

2. Physical therapists

3. Firefighters

4. Education administrators

5. Painters, sculptors, and related artists

6. Teachers

7. Authors

8. Psychologists

9. Special education teachers

10. Operating engineers

11. Office supervisors

12. Security and financial services salespersons

Rev. Cynthia Lindner, Director of Ministry Studies at the University of Chicago, doesn't think it's surprising that her job is so fun.

She said:

Persons engaged in ministry have a great opportunity to live and work out of their deepest convictions, often times in the midst of communities of faith who share their concern for meaning, compassion and justice. 

This congruence of belief, values and actions in one's daily work can be immensely satisfying. 

On average, 47 per cent of the 27,000 interviewed said they were very satisfied with their jobs and 33 per cent they were very happy.

To chase that satisfaction, study author Tom W. Smith advised:

The most satisfying jobs are mostly professions, especially those involving caring for, teaching, and protecting others and creative pursuits.

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