12 incredibly simple travel hacks to make your summer holiday even better

1. Roll your clothes up when packing

This one is pretty simple - it saves space and helps limit creasing, as "packing expert" Leslie Willmott explains below:

2. Make use of your belt like so

Via Imgur

It can help to keep your collar stiff for that all-important post-flight business meeting.

3. Book the aisle and window seat

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If two of you are flying together, book the aisle and window seat. Because most other people usually choose those seats (and not the middle one) this should mean you have all three seats between the two of you if the flight isn't completely booked up.

HT Pop Sugar

4. Use a cereal container as a portable bin

Particularly on long car or campervan journeys, this can really help to avoid turning your vehicle into a moving rubbish dump that takes ages to clean out once you get home.

Via Bella Bargains Blog

5. Photocopy your important documents and send them to yourself via email

That means you'll always have a digital version even if you lose the hard copies.

HT LifeHack

6. Use masking tape to stop bottles leaking

HT HuffPo

7. Use a plastic bag as a portable seat-back screen

Like this genius:

Via Reddit

8. When driving in a new place, drop a pin in Google Maps to remember where you parked

As BuzzFeed points out, do this by simply holding down your finger on the screen and never lose your hire car again.

9. Mark your bag as fragile

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This means that not only should it be treated with extra care but it should also be placed at the top of the baggage hold and thus make its way onto the luggage conveyor belt first at the other end.

HT HostelWorld

10. Line your rucksack with a bin bag

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If you're going hiking or even just walking around town all day and you don't have a waterproof rucksack, this will help keep all your stuff dry.

11. Don't bother taking your expensive speakers with you

Just make one of these toilet roll speakers...

12. Use private browsing when booking flights or delete your cookies

Picture: Getty

According to Time, websites like to use something called "dynamic pricing" and will track your browsing history and hike up prices once they know you're interested in a flight. Use incognito browsing or, better yet, delete your cookies in order to stop them.

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