13 foreign insults that sound hilarious translated into English

Picture: Jewel Samad/Getty
Picture: Jewel Samad/Getty

Swearing in English has gotten boring.

So we've looked to insults in other languages and found that... well... some of them don't translate so well. They might sound funny to us, but are apparently pretty deadly in their original tongues.

Nevertheless here is a list of 13 much more interesting insults to try throwing at any foreign nemeses the next time you see them:


1. Pendejo: (You are a) single strand of pubic hair

Now there's an insult.

2. Mama huevo: Sucking eggs

As opposed to...?


3. Kankerhond: Cancer dog

The Dutch seem to prefer using diseases as insults.


4. Я тебе покажу где раки зимуют: I'll show you where crayfish hibernate

Basically I will hurt you real bad... like the crayfish that are cold in the winter... so they... hibernate?

5. это курам на смех: This is hilarious to chickens

My joke is so funny the chickens are laughing.


6. Ti fel rhech mewn pot jam: You're like a fart in a jam jar

You're useless.


7. Kukuur kanna: Son of a gender neutral dog

Because even as we're insulting you, we have to be politically correct.


8. Go drink sea water: Ashrab mah al-bahr

So... make yourself sick?


9. Agyilag zokni: Mentally, (you are a) sock

There is nothing in your brain. Absolutely nothing at all.


10. Tōfu no kado ni atama wo utte shinē: Go hit your head on a corner of tofu and die

Self explanatory really.


11. Gay kaken afen yam: Go s--t in the ocean

What is with these ocean insults? What has the ocean ever done to you?


12. Skitstövel: S--tboot

Presumably the English equivalent to a--hole.


13. Blaast mijne zak op: Inflate my bag

Again, another male anatomy-related insult.

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There you have it. Don't you feel more cultured now?

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