Picture: Il Neige/YouTube
Picture: Il Neige/YouTube

Pokémon Go! was released this week, much to the excitement oF Australian and US fans (and those worldwide eagerly awaiting release in their own countries).

And it’s everything everyone thought it would be: catching ‘em all...

In real time.

The franchises’ revival and the release of Sun and Moon in Asia, which involved Pikachu’s name change, means people are once more obsessing over the creatures.

You wouldn't have thought that the made up pocket monsters' names could get weirder. But turns out they do sound eve stranger translated into other languages - so we thought we’d share some of the more bizarre international name variations…

1. Magby is Buby (Japanese)

Picture: Maxx/YouTube

2. Weezing is Smogogo (French)

Picture: Pokemon Sun/YouTube

3. Snover is Shnebedeck (German)

Picture: lulubezerravieira/YouTube

4. Golduck is Akwakwak (French)

Picture: XWDgaming/ YouTube

5. Gengar is Ectoplasma (French)

Picture: RejiitaRebikov/YouTube

6. Magmar is Boober (Japanese)

Picture: PokeManiac1986/ YouTube

7. Magmortar is Booburn (Japanese)

Picture: HazzaBozza/YouTube

8. Grimer is Tadmorv, which is 'pile of snot' (French)

Picture: Pearlshipping TV/ YouTube

9. Onyx is Rongseuton – phonetically “long stone” (Korean)

Picture: SlowkingGaming/YouTube

10. Lickitung is Schlurp (German)

Picture: Preston Ward Condra/ YouTube

11. Drowzee is Traumato (German)

Picture: Canal de RicardoSadfull/ YouTube

12. Electrode is Boomball (Korean)

Picture: Archer Gilderoy/YouTube

13. Mothim is Papilord (French)

H/T: Digitalspy and Pokewiki

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