This colourised video of a snowball fight from 124 years ago is absolutely stunning


Colourised footage of a snowball fight in France 1896 has left those that have seen it stunned.

The 52-second clip is one of the first films ever made and was shot by Louis Lumiere, one-half of the Lumiere brothers, considered to be two of the most important pioneers of early cinema.

The scene sees a group of people of all ages in Lyon, absolutely pelting each other with snowballs only for a cyclist to enter the battleground and let's just say that it doesn't end well for him.

What has made this short video so memorable is that AI technology has been used to update the footage with the colours that would have actually been there at the time as well as speeding up the footage.

The incredible scene has been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter in the past few weeks and people have been left stunned and in the best possible way.

To show just how impressive this updated footage is, here is the original film which is billed as being made in 1897.

The 'DeOldify' videos have been shared on Twitter this year by Joaquim Campa but the technology was created by Jason Antic. Here you can find a thread of various cities from around the world in the late 1800s/early 1900s including London, Paris, Jerusalem, Berlin and New York.

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