People are calling this 18th century painting the original ‘distract your boyfriend’ meme

iStock and Wiki commons

Summer 2017 was a good time for memes. Why? Simply because the 'distracted boyfriend' meme was born.


Its official title was ‘Disloyal Man Walking With His Girlfriend and Looking Amazed at Another Seductive Girl’.

'Distracted boyfriend' had a better ring to it and people had a lot of fun.

Well, someone found its 18th century ancestor.

We present, Joshua Reynolds’ painting, ‘Garrick: Between Tragedy and Comedy’.

Sir Joshua Reynolds, born in 1762 was a painter who specialised in portraits. The one in question was painted of the 18th century actor David Garrick. He is depicted as being stuck between comedy and tragedy, a nod to the actor’s many tragic and comedic roles.

The resemblance is uncanny.

People pointed out that not much has changed in 300 years...

And then, like all iconic images that find their way on the viral road, it was given the meme treatment.



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