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A thread recently asked men of Reddit what they think women just don't understand about them. As you can imagine it received reasoned and sound responses.

You can sort of tell by the fact that most of the respondents kept referring to adult women as 'girls'.

We don't really compliment each other unless we really mean it. So if a girl compliments us, we take it very seriously. A compliment from a girl really means a lot to us.

Precious, precious, men. How will women ever understand what this feels like?

Do not be afraid of being straightforward with us. For most men, straightforward rejection is better than ghosting us or playing with words in a way that leaves us wondering your intentions. Not responding to a guy because you don't want to hurt his feelings hurts his feelings way more.

And women don't hate ghosting?


This seems to be a reference to a game. Big whoop. Women play games too. They do understand. Entertain the possibility that maybe they don't care.


Other suggestions were innocent in their nature but were also naive, or else assumed the women they'd interacted with were too shallow to understand what sounds like basic human empathy.

Sometimes, sitting in comfortable silence is all we need.

This seems to assume women don't get how being an introvert works.


Unlike women, men don't get 90% mutual matches on dating apps.

According to a study by Global Web Index, men make up 62 per cent of the users on location based dating apps. The majority are heterosexual.

Also doesn't this suggestion for women ignore how it works for gay men? Or gay women?


Several men referred to being worried they are automatically judged as potential threats without cause.

The stigma concerning men and children, specifically girls.

Maybe you do understand, I don't know, but I hate walking behind a woman - especially at night-, making eye contact with a woman I don't know, sitting next to a woman on public transit, and pretty much anything else that should be normal but could be construed as pervy.

What it's like to naturally not be trusted around children from an early age.

These more serious issues were slightly undercut by many of the NSFW suggestions, usually relating to testicles, the size of manhood, or else bemoaning the cliche that women say they're 'fine' when they aren't.

In comparison to a similar thread regarding what women wished men knew, women seem to wish men recognised they were individuals and not like other women.

I wish they'd realize that we're not all same. What makes me tick won't always make her tick.

My ex would often say 'but don't girls like that?' like just grouping me in with every female ever - maybe some girls do like that, but I f***ing don't.

Don't treat women as a some kind of mysterious, impossible to understand being. We are humans, just like you.

Exactly! As a woman, I can usually tell when some guy is trying to use "rules" he's read somewhere about how to pick up women. It's a little insulting that some guys think all women want, think and feel the exact same things.

Perhaps this is something the writers on the male thread ought to consider.

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