Picture:  Lisa Maree Williams/Getty
Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

Tourists are annoying no matter where they are and hard as we try when we are abroad, we can't help but commit some social faux pas.

But British people in the USA seem to be a breed all their own, as reddit users flocking together to mercilessly mock a list of mistakes committed by hapless Britons on holiday have noticed:

1. “You alright?"

In the UK this is a casual greeting, in the US? Not so much...

2. Being too relaxed if you’re stopped by the police

No need to get out for a chat with the officer. Just stay in the car.

3. Using a certain... swear word...

For some reason Americans don’t appear to be fond of the word c--t, and while this is an oft-used British swear word, it appears you must keep it in Britain.

4. Underage drinking

The drinking age is 21, not 18.

5. Forgetting about sales tax

Depending on the state, the price of consumer products in a supermarket may change as tax is added on at the point of transaction.

Taxation for the nation is taken very seriously.

6. Not applying sunscreen

Yes, you have to apply sunscreen (to be fair this one probably applies to Brits everywhere).

7. Assuming that all of the tourist sites are next door to each other

Britain is an island, and you can probably get around the entire thing in a week. At almost four million square miles, you can't exactly do that in America.

8. Ordering a 'large'

Unless you’ve not eaten the entire day (and even then) a large meal in the UK may pop a button on your jeans... a US large? You’ll have to buy elasticated trousers.

9. Not tipping

While tipping isn't compulsory in the UK, it's really important for waiters in the US, who don't even get a minimum wage. Brits often don't realise it's customary to tip barstaff for drinks, too.

Besides, tipping is an acknowledgement of service. Don’t be rude.

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