A guy has listed all the ways his cat cheated death

A guy has listed all the ways his cat cheated death
Picture: Tom Cox/Twitter

A common superstition is that cats have nine lives.

Whether they were the earthly remnants of the goddess Bastet in ancient Egypt or just really, really good at staying alive, the idea continues to prevail.

The Bear, a 21-year-old black cat (what?!) might disagree with nine lives.

According to his owner, author Tom Cox, he has many, many more.

Fifteen to be exact.

Cox, who has written a number of books chronicling the adventures of The Bear and his three other cats, listed all the times his pet escaped from the clutches of death:

Some of his finest near-death experiences included the time he got carbon monoxide poisoning; the time a feral cat ripped holes in his throat, and when he got cancer (which disappeared as quickly as it came).

People have been alternating between shock


and speculation

The best one however, is:

The time last night, when he went out into Storm Angus at its raging peak, and the catflap ran out of battery power, locking him out for a couple of hours until I realised, and rescued him.

The Bear is not a simple cat.

‘Tis a beast.

Picture: Tom Cox/Twitter

If you want to follow the antics of this immortal being The Bear, he's been known to frequent Twitter.

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