A journey through the weirdest items available on Etsy

Etsy describes itself as a "marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods". Very, very unique goods...

1. Ebola earrings

The virus has killed over 5,000 people but these bronze pendant earrings sure are snazzy.

2. Poo candles

Thankfully, they smell of chocolate.

3. These absolutely bloody terrifying zombie dolls

They cost £160 too.

4. Sarah Palin embryo doll

Everyone's favourite Alaskan politician, in embryo form.

5. Mermaid Dumbledore

Via the wonderful weirdshitfoundonetsy.tumblr.

6. Sperm wallpaper

T-shirts, earrings and pillowcases also available... Made to order.

7. And I quote: "Signed Archival Photographic Print of Two Rotten Cow Feet found in Woods on a Dirty Mattress"


8. Um, the "prick cushion"

Sold by Abitabite...

9. Animal faces

Actual animal faces. In case you were bored of your own.

10. Bull Scrotum Bag

Described by the seller as "a real animal fur nut sack".

11. The Barry Manllow

Yep, it's half Barry Manilow, half pillow.

12. Intestines necklace

There we are then, that's Christmas sorted.

This journey through the dark side of Etsy was inspired by their Michael Gove related goods.

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