Student opens his A-level grades on live TV and it doesn't go ...

Opening A-level results is always an anxiety-ridden moment but imagine doing it on live TV only to have your results disappoint you.

Dylan, a student at Wilberforce Sixth Form College in Hull, was joined by Pip Thompson from Good Morning Britain on Thursday to open his results live.

Although Dylan had received an unconditional offer he said he was hoping for "a couple of Bs" at the very least.

Anxiously, he opened the envelope containing his results, only to find no B in sight.

"Ok, we've got D, D, C," Thompson said reading the results aloud.

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Not exactly the results Dylan was hoping for but Thompson made it better by reminding the young man he has an unconditional offer so it didn't matter.

"Yeah, I'll take it," Dylan said before Thompson and others applauded him.

Although it seems Dylan isn't too torn up over his results, the awkward moment still went viral on social media.

"This is why I would never open my results on national television," a Twitter user wrote attaching the video of the moment.

"Never has a DSQUARED tshirt been more appropriate," A Twitter user wrote.

"Nah but why are broadcasters still doing this in 2022? Where is the public service?" Georgia tweeted.

"There should be an Ofcom rule that no A Level student should ever be allowed to open their results on television," Scott quote-tweeted.

Later on Dylan found the tweet with the footage of him opening results and wrote, "Ahahahaha I’ve had an absolute nightmare" jumping in on the jokes.

In response to some of the backlash from the awkward moment he later tweeted "it’s really not that deep" and included a clip of himself reminding people he was the first person in his family to complete A levels.

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