Photo: Joerg Carstensen/AFP/Getty Images
Photo: Joerg Carstensen/AFP/Getty Images

Foxes have developed a bad reputation, as of late.

There have been reports of them climbing into houses and mauling babies, and several news outlets have urged cat-owners to keep their pets indoors for fear of being eaten.

In Steve Gould’s case, the fox endangered his… trousers.

The 35-year-old had been enjoying himself on a night out with friends when he fell asleep on the train home and missed his stop, he told the Evening Standard.

Being tired, and slightly more than inebriated, he passed out in a bus stop and woke up to find a fox gnawing on the bottom of his trousers.

About an hour later I woke up and looked down and there’s a fox chewing my trainer and my trousers. He didn’t even blink.

I've loved animals and wildlife, he was so cute and curious that he didn't scare me at all, he was adorable.

In this case, maybe the bad reputation is underserved.

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