People. Have you learned nothing from Boaty McBoatface?

Devon Wild Life Trust has asked the internet to name its new, human-sized beaver mascot.

Because trusting the internet has thus far been a success, right?

(Cases-in-point, Mountain Dew’s “Gushin' Granny” and endangered whale Mr Splashy Pants).

Steve Hussey, of the trust said:

We’re really pleased with the mascot costume and have a number of staff, volunteers and helpers from Cofton Country Holidays who have said they are happy to wear it. Now all that is lacking is a name. That’s why we’re now asking the public to help us name that beaver.

Name. That. Beaver.

The costume was created with help from Cofton Country Holidays, a local holiday park, and hopes to raise awareness about England's only known wild beaver population in the River Otter in East Devon.

The tweet had been up less than an hour when someone pointed out the obvious:

But wait, maybe Devon Wild Life Trust is much quicker on the uptake than we thought…

And there is the caveat.

Turns out they did learn from the Boaty fiasco after all, and decided that, while they invite contributions from the public, it won’t be a public poll.

Steve said:

We’re looking for an imaginative beaver name. After the recent Boaty McBoatface debacle we’ve chosen not to run this name selection as a vote. Instead we are reserving the right to choose the winner and it won’t be Beaver McBeaverface or anything that doesn’t represent the correct tone for our work for wildlife!”

Well said.

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