For months now New Yorker Adam Ellis has been updating a Twitter thread about spooky goings on in his apartment.

It all started in August when Adam posted this thread claiming that a dead child was haunting him.

In a lengthy thread, Adam explained his 'haunting'.

That's pretty intense to begin with but things reportedly got worse for Adam and his two cats in his new apartment.

At the time people suggested a number of theories but Adam dismissed them.

Adam has also shared footage and images from his flat which indicate some sort of paranormal activity.

Firstly he began by taking Polaroid photos of his front door and the hallway.

There is also a video of a chair eerily rocking on its own.

For a few months the story went quiet until Adam returned with a new thread that was even more chilling than the original.

This was the scariest evidence yet that Adam was being haunted and it was even more disturbing when people began to turn the brightness up on his pictures.

OK. You are probably freaking out by now and we are sorry if we scared you.

However, other Twitter users weren't so convinced and might have found a flaw in Adam's story.

People are not convinced by his Polaroid pictures either.

Whether this is all true or just an elaborate Internet hoax remains to be seen but Adam should either hire an exorcist or get a job as a screenwriter.

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