Kick streamer Adin Ross claims there's a hit out for him with 'money on his head'

Kick streamer Adin Ross claims there's a hit out for him with 'money on his head'
Adin Ross claims he will interview Kim Jong-un on his stream
Adin Ross, Kick

Kick streamer Adin Ross has claimed that there is a hit out for his murder with 'money on his head'.

Ross has had several run-ins with law enforcement after a SWAT team raided him during a live stream – and it wasn’t the first time it's happened to him.

But, this time, Ross claims that he is having legal problems that have escalated to people having “put money” on his head.

While he didn't go into detail, he claimed that two people in his life that he considered to be like “brothers and family” were trying to sue him and the situation had become ugly.

“It’s sad that money and greed gets in the way of relationships nowadays when I would do anything and I’ve done everything for motherf***ers” he explained in a stream.

In another stream, Ross spoke about there being an alleged hit out for him with money on his head.

He warned, “Once I get permission from my lawyer, I’m exposing everything,” adding, “If you wanna put money on my head, you’re gonna need a refund.”

The streamer spoke directly to the people who “want to take my life”, but it’s unclear whether Ross was referencing a real murder hit that has been put out on him or the court case in which people are allegedly attempting to sue him for undisclosed reasons.

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