Adin Ross raided by SWAT team during live stream

Adin Ross raided by SWAT team during live stream
Adin Ross claims he will interview Kim Jong-un on his stream
Adin Ross, Kick

Adin Ross found his latest stream being interrupted by a SWAT team in his latest run in with law officials.

It’s not the first time Ross has been “swatted”. The controversial Kitck streamer has had a number of his streams shut down while broadcasting to his viewers.

Ross and HSTikkyTokky were broadcasting to viewers from a boxing gym when it became apparent that a police team had been called to the location.

The officers arrived outside – and Ross quickly realised what was happening, probably because it wasn’t the first time it had happened to him.

Adin Ross & HSTikkyTokky Get

He assured the people he was with that “we’re good, we’re fine”, as well as helping to reassure viewers.

Ross was made to sit outside the building while it was searched, before he was allowed to return inside the gym shortly afterwards.

Thankfully, it didn’t cause too much disruption. But “swatting” has become a major problem for some streamers over recent times.

The worrying trend sees streamers targeted by trolls, who find the address or location of a figure online before making a hoax phone call to the emergency services, often claiming that there’s extreme violence taking place there.

The idea is to make the lie sound as urgent and threatening as possible to prompt an armed response – hence “SWAT”.

Previously this year, porn legend-turned-Twitch star Adriana Chechik revealed that she’s being so badly swatted, she’s going to have to move house.

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