Michael Gove and Boris Johnson spent the week railing against unelected officials, and the weekend telling us all to clean for... the Queen

Yes, these are indeed the two men the Leave campaign is hoping can lead Britain out of Europe.

After a week of railing against unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and all the money the EU apparently costs us, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove became poster boys for a separate campaign which will see volunteers encouraged to clean the streets of Britain in honour of an unelected millionaire's birthday - for absolutely nothing...

Donned in a Ukip shade of purple and hi-vis jackets, the two Tories joined a group of more than 70 MPs who helped to launch the "Clean for the Queen" initiative which will take place over the weekend of 4-6 March ahead of Elizabeth II's 90th birthday celebrations later this year.

BoJo said:

I want to encourage everyone to get together like-minded neighbours and friends to litter pick, plant, paint and tidy and really brighten local spaces. This year we have the extra incentive of making our city as beautiful as possible in honour of The Queen.

Presumably no one has pointed out the streets will probably just get dirty again by the time the Her Maj's birthday rolls around...

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