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A clip from TikTok has gone viral after a guest staying in an AirBnb apartment claimed that their host was charging them for 'air.'

The video posted by @papiwhiteriice shows a coin-operated lockbox on a wall situated directly below an air conditioning unit.

It would appear that the air conditioner's thermostat was located directly behind the lockbox.

The text overlay on the video reads: "When your AirBnb host charges you for air."


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At the time of writing the clip has already amassed more than 172,000 views in just three days.

Although it's not obvious where this video was filmed, The Daily Dot reports that the box is made by a company in Spain.

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The description on the company's website for the item reads as: "for saving and controlling the cost of electricity in hotels, hostels, rural houses, and all types of accommodation. They work by time, by coins or tokens."

The video has since been inundated by people who are shocked that the host would install such a item in their property and expect their guest to pay for it.

"If a host is seriously going to be that stingy, they shouldn’t be renting their house out," said one person.

Another added: "Instant 1 star review."

A third wrote: "Even hotels give you free A/C."

A fourth person shared a similar experience: "We had a Airbnb that had a lock on their thermostat. It was set on 75 - in a Florida summer."

In September, the Spanish government introduced measures to reduce the nation's soaring energy costs.

Indy100 has contacted AirBnb for comment.

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