Every year, supermarkets vie for the attention of viewers with their Christmas advert, and this year Aldi has certainly upped the ante in the battle of the ads with a subtle diss at competitors Marks & Spencer.

Aldi’s highly-anticipated video this year was based around the Charles Dickens festive classic A Christmas Carol, with the introduction of a new character Ebanana Scrooge, in the ad starring footballer Marcus Rashford (or Radishford we should say), and of course fan favourite Kevin the Carrot made an appearance too.

During the ad, Kevin the Carrot tries to get a banana called Ebanana Scrooge into the Christmas spirit by showing him the best things about the holiday.

But at the beginning of the clip, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a familiar figure in a spot of bother.

It was only Cuthbert the Caterpillar being escorted away by two lemon policemen (“peelers”) while in handcuffs.

Giving a cheeky nod to events in real life earlier this year, in which the Aldi version of a caterpillar cake was at centre of a legal battle when Marks and Spencer accused Aldi of ripping off their Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Ever since then the two supermarkets have been shading each other online with memes referring to the legal challenge.

After publication Ladbible posted about the M&S dig, Aldi’s official Twitter account interestingly replied with eye emojis...

Viewers loved the level of pettiness that came with the Cuthbert cameo, especially because it was another shot fired at M&S in the latest twist between the two supermarkets.

(Some have even declared the German supermarket chain the winner in the battle with M&S after this stunt).

Meanwhile, others joked about the injustice Cuthbert was facing and called on the caterpillar to be freed.

Looks like the supermarket beef continues... wonder what M&S makes of Aldi trolling them?

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