Vaccine fans are ranking Covid jabs in terms of coolness - here’s what your fave jab says about you

There are multiple vaccines available but experts say get what you’re offered
There are multiple vaccines available but experts say get what you’re offered
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If there wasn’t enough ridiculous information about coronavirus vaccines on the internet already, people are now arguing about which jabs are cooler.

Posting on Twitter, users are sharing memes mocking certain vaccines and lauding others - because being vaccinated during a global pandemic isn’t enough to be happy about.

The trend was first highlighted by the US publication The Daily Beast - but it goes without saying that we are in favour of any and all vaccines that will prevent coronavirus and allow us to return to normal life.

Indeed, Dr John Wright of Bradford Royal Infirmary told the BBC that people should not be picky about their vaccines.

“The concept of consumer choice when it comes to immunisation, or even medications, is alien”, he said.

“Take whatever vaccine we are given and thank the lucky Northern stars that we live in a developed country.”

Agreed. And we would never stoop to contribute to such a silly debate as one about vaccine coolness. But if we were to do so, then this is quite obviously what your preferred vaccine says about you.

Pfizer/ BioNTech

Pfizer was the first vaccine to be given out in the UK and the US and therefore you are a trailblazer who is not afraid of trying new things.

You line up outside the Apple shop to ensure you always have the latest iPhone before anyone else. When you go to a restaurant, you order the most complicated thing on the menu that other people can’t pronounce. As this vaccine was manufactured in Germany, if you’re British you are also probably a Remainer.

Opting for one that is harder to store than other vaccines, you are probably a hipster and can be a bit fussy - but we still love you.


A British vaccine for British people! You are possibly a Brexiteer or a politician who studied PPE at university if you are so keen to inject the spirit of one of Britain’s leading universities right into your upper arm. You could even be the child of a pushy parent who hid the dose between the pages of Tatler and gave you a playful slap on the arm after not scoring enough rugby tries at school, That explains the headache you had the next day, right?

But more likely you are just a person over the age of 30 who doesn’t want to get coronavirus. A recipient of the most used jab in the UK that is easy to refrigerate, you are probably quite basic and love Starbucks and strawberry daiquiris. You are also impervious to sensationalism about the risk of blood clots. Good for you.


When America sneezes, England catches a cold, so the saying goes. Indeed, coronavirus has spread through the world through coughs and sneezes and so thank goodness the US-developed Moderna vaccine has now come to England.

Anyway, if you like the Moderna vaccine you are a Yankophile - or if based in the US, a patriotic American - who probably claims chips are called French fries and won’t shut up about your trip to New York. In 2010.

Johnson & Johnson

As Johnson & Johnson also manufactures a shampoo for children, called “no  more tears” you are probably awaiting your vaccine with fear about the side effects and have booked the day off work after your shot to post dramatic updates on your Instagram story about your headache and chills.

A single-shot vaccine, you want to get your jab over and done with so you can get on with things. You simply don’t have time to waste queuing and digging out your NHS number. So, you are also impatient and probably work in finance.

Although it’s not currently available in the UK, it’s widely used in the US.

Sputnik V

Side effects of this vaccine may include sudden proclamations of love for Vladimir Putin. Salisbury Cathedral has also been confirmed as a vaccination site for this particularly jab. Not.

Other vaccines awaiting approval for use in the UK include CureVac, GSK, Valneva and Novavax.

If and when these are approved, they too will be viable options to bring the world out of lockdown and closer to herd immunity.

As Dr Wright says, let’s be grateful and get our jabs.

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